I Should have Known Better


I have not seen my mom in over 3 years, we had not even physically spoken for years, I cannot even say exactly how long, all she was willing to do is text. She claimed she no longer had phone service. Now tell me please someone, how are you able to text from your phone number but not call? Does she think I am that stupid? Not to mention that she takes care of homes for rich people , the ones that go away for the summer months the and she can their house and makes sure the alarm is working and all that stuff. HOW CAN ALL THIS BE DONE WITHOUTo A PHONE FOR 3 YEARS!!! ! And I am so stupid to just let it go right. As much as it was killing me I side.
All I have been talking aboUT is how I am finally going to see my mom for christmas for the first time I three years, she lives an hour from me, I k of that is pretry pathetic, right? Well I have texted her a out Christmas for the last few days, aND guess what. Now she has to work on Christmas so she CA not see me, so it I get be the weekend after, IF she has ever ought money to get here, and if her tires on her car will take her this far.
Does she not know how she is breaking my heart into a I’ll ion pieces all over again? Doesn,the she see how she is killing me inside? Does ,that she ķnow how other people here get all dressed up and go home and eat a nice dinner with their families? Doesn,the she know that I need my Omar the tears run down my face again…


She has her reasons, maybe not very good ones, but, sometimes being kept away from someone you love is better than being disapointed when they don’t meet your expectations.
Ask yourself if you are wanting more than she is able to give? Not every woman can be a great mom.
Love her as she is…accept that she isn’t going to be everything you need, and remember that she is only doing the best she is able to right now.


sorry to slag her off babe but she sounds like a ■■■■ mum. nothing comes before my kids. this may sound harsh but you need to try an experimnt. don’t text her for three months and see how often, if at all, she gets in contact. if she does then you know she at least thinks about you. if she doesn’t then you’ll know where you stand. it’s tough but not every parent is a good parent and you need to think about yourself. why put yourself through this? she obviously did have phone access either at a house or via mobile and she has chosen not to call you. i’m so sorry about this. sounds like she’s not worth your time hunni. x


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Dont put yourself through this! I went through a similiar situation with my daughter. She is just now starting to even text me. Its been almost 5 years.
I know how much it hurts! Its awful. The situation will change when its ready. In the meantime, dont try to contact her anymore--for now. she may have reasons you cant understand, but I agree with Jayne…leave it for now. Focus on yourself.
Much love ))**


Thank you for understanding, you have no idea how much it helps having people that know what I feel inside. If I confront her, it will be another 3 years or longer that we do not speak. My brother is 28 or close to it and is still living at home, she still supports him, and whenever I bring it up, she swears she is getting her own place soon. But it never happens. Even
When I was living on a strangers couch for 3 weeks and had no place to go, she would not help me. Hec, I could be on the streets and she would turn her back on me. I spent a year and 3 months in a state hospital, she did not take my calls, never mind visit me.
I know in my heart that she just cannot handle having a mentally ill child, never mind 2. My sister is bi-Polar. Actually my sisters daughter I just found out is also being treated for bi-polar as well. I feel so ashamed like I a not good enough to be her child. Ma be you are right, maybe I a better off dissappearing.


WRONG! Sounds like your mom has a lot on her hands.
I KNOW she is not playing favorites. My daughter thought my son was my favorite—her MI brother. I could not make her understand that I had to help more because no one else was…explained that I would do the same for her.
Live your life—don`t talk yourself down!