I shaved my head

I am a female and I have shaved my head 4 or 5 times from mental illness and now I regret it deeply. The first time I shaved it was 2.5 years ago. It was halfway down my back. A coworker (female) stroked my hair and sarcastically coo’ed at me what a sexy body I have and I was triggered and went home and shaved my head. since then, it grew back to my neck and I shaved it again. Then I bought a wig and decided to keep it shaved and just wear my wig so I shaved it back down again a coupe times. The last time I shaved it, was May 1st, when I started tapering from Xanax. I couldn’t shower anymore from insomnia and lack of energy.

Right now, my hair is about 3 to 4 inches long and sticks straight up (it’s thick). I miss my long hair :frowning: Gawd, I regret ever shaving it in the first place. My hair would be down to my lower back and beautiful if I never shaved it 2.5 years ago.

Oh, lastly, have tons of gray. I’m 52, but I have gray like I am 70. I used to dye my hair dark brown (my natural color before going gray) and it was so pretty. I really F*cked up. It is going to take 3 years for my hair to be past my shoulders again. At least I have my wig.


there are no jokes, sarcasm or whatever when it comes to sexual harassment that let it slide.
it may have been the only way you ever set the record straight, cutting your hair.

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Yeah. I shaved my head, stopped wearing make-up, stopped painting my nails. That kind of sh*t is traumatizing!

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it’s like they want to say, You’re not being a good sport, or anything we want you to be.
Fu-ck-ers, burn in hell!

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I’m sorry that person touched you like that. You should talk to someone about it at work. They shouldn’t be touching you to begin with. Especially mocking you while doing it seems wrong.

The good news is that hair grows back. When it gets a bit longer may be go and get a pixie cut. They can look dope.

And yes like you say, theres no reason why you can’t wear a wig either :slight_smile:
My hair dresser is telling me often that since cutting my hair short with a razor it is stronger and thicker. Not sure if they are just being polite or what but it does look a bit thicker. Hopefully the same applies to you

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