I seriously need to lose some weight but can't?

Hoping my follow up thyroid tests this week will help. The fruit market opened for the year the 4th thinking of paying them a visit today. It is so in my face that I can not accomplish this goal and I 'm tired of it. I’d like to lose about 50 pounds. desimb

hi i need to too i tried this is paul Mc kennor hypnosis if you type paul mc kennor into you tube it will come up it very relaxing even if it doesnt work lol i hate seroquel makes me want to eat a whole bear grrr

I’ve lost a lot of weight by eating smaller portions and walking for one hour every day. 15 kg in a year. Now I eat soup tree times/week and eat no sugar. I’ve lost 3 more kilos since december.

I too seriously need to lose weight, but can’t. Went from 270 down to 250. Each meal contains oats, blueberries,strawberrries and whey protein. Every 3 hours. Plus a consistent workout plan.