I see weird dreams almost every night

Actually these dreams are most vivid just before I wake up. Do you have dreams at night?

sadly no. wonderful thing that cortex. the only reason i joined the Dark Side:they had donuts and coffee


I have a lot of dreams every night. Most times I recall them, a lot of time I just want to forget them.


i have tonnes of dreams it is endless, the wierd and the wonderful…
take care

I have dreams every night, but I usually forget them.

Yes, I have vivid, half of the time lucid dreams most nights. Past few nights I havent. I also havent worked out in days, maybe that is why I only slept 4 hours last night. Oh well. Gonna workout today so I can sleep, that and the whole keep my body how it is thing. I usually remember my dreams too well and have a hard time facing reality upon waking up. It’s actually rather disturbing.

I have vivid dreams, a lot of them nightmares, every night, and I recall them and can for weeks later. It’s probably why I’m so exhausted and have been ever since this all started, I can’t remember what it looks like to not have dark shadows under my eyes. Obviously there is proof that they weren’t always there through photos but every day I look in the mirror and they’re there and I feel rubbish to go with it.