I see spirits

I literally asked for them to show themselves and the lights that shine at night and orbs appeared after s few minutes of me saying this

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Hey @Sis_Spamzalot . You have described having hallucinations before. Don’t you think it’s more likely that this is a symptom of your schizophrenia, in other words a hallucination, than actually conjuring up spirits?

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I don’t think it’s my schizophrenia because my mom told me it’s spirits and she gets it to sometimes she doesn’t have schizophrenia or bipolar

I see. Well, I can certainly see how you would have faith in your mothers opinions. Sometimes even people without schizophrenia are prone to hallucinations though. I can tell you that in my 49 years, I have never seen such a thing.

Anyway, if you are not willing to consider the possibility that this a symptom of your disorder, I should probably close this thread, however. I apologize for this.