I saw wolf eyes today.....!

she is my clinical psyhcologist, she was not sick so that was good, i did not have time to make crayon drawings on the wall of the dull reception room !
she is helping me which i did not think would happen.
she explained that certain behavoiur i had in childhood and still now, was due to abuse, i had thought it was a personality trait, it was a relief .
i am going on anti-depressants, as the sz i can deal with.
she wanted to book me straight into hospital but i wasn’t going to do that…i don’t like people at the best of times…! or white confined spaces…!
take care


I’m glad Wolf Eyes showed up this time. I’m glad you got some answer and some relief.

I am also glad you can get on anti-depressants. I don’t mind my imaginary cat or my few voices left or the all consuming fire or any of the other head circus tricks. But depression… I fear that so much.

I do not handle the slight shift to the negative very well. I do get a bit drama queen if I feel that the wax build-up might try to come back.

I hope you start feeling better soon.

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thanks…yeah wolf eyes was talking about depression , and inside myself i honestly recoiled , like you i never want to go back to that very dark place…give me a thousand demons and voices screaming at me every day but not that dark depressoin…
take care

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