I saw a real ghost and have a witness

For those who haven’t heard this story, I was at the antiques mall with my mother. We walked into a small room the size our living room. There was a lady there dusting the shelves, when she turned and walked through the wall. She was so close we could have touched her. We both saw her, otherwise I might have thought it was a hallucination.


Did you ask her why she left?

I was to surprised to think to try to talk to her. If it happens again I will try for sure. Great idea :slight_smile:

Wow, one of the lucky ones you are, for you have a witness!

The several upon several beings i’ve seen i have had no witness, and being “schizophrenic” no one believes me at all, i’ve been completely discredited in every way by this. If i learn any patience anytime soon ill be very happy because all that i have to do is wait for them to see also, man i wish i would hurry up and learn some patience! I want patience now!

Anyway i saw a ghost to, did the one you saw wear really old clothes? Mine had really really old clothes on, an for god’s sake she floated, i freaked out and yelled, my roommate asked what was wrong and i said there was a ghost, and then we both freaked out and went outside!

Me don’t think they be people at all though.

Yes she had really old clothes. She had a brown skirt with ruffles along the bottom. She didn’t float though, she looked just like a regular person. Yes, having schizophrenia no one would want to believe me. I also saw another ghost though that was a shadow that jumps out of the wall and runs down the hall. They told me about it when i moved into the apartment I used to live in a long time ago because three other people had seen it, but then I saw it too. There is also a ghost cat who bumps into your legs when you do your dishes then runs around the corner. It happened to me and my ex husband. Really cool. I want to stop by there and ask the people living there now if they have seen it. Lol, hurry and get some patience. Too funny.

Well whatdaya know, i saw the shadow people also, and one other thing that wasn’t a person as well(still a shadow though).

Saw it during psychosis, and i swear it made me go to sleep, i was looking and it ran off and i just passed out when i should not have. I’ve actually heard of shaman using this to operate on people if they need to, thats some crazy anasthetic right there!

Crazy world, crazy crazy world.

I think they do that to trick people, it makes people think and feel a certain way, the old clothes that is. I know if i had died i would probably change clothes you know, i don’t have to wear the same outfit forever do i? Id be wearing all kinds of stuff to, togas, getup from the 20’s, maybe a little caveman here and there, etc…

You just never see ghosts wearing other things right? It’s always that bland old stuff.

I believe you. I believe in ghosts and a spirit world. :slight_smile:

That’s the most bizaar anasthetic I’ve ever heard of. Lol can you imagine sitting in the dentist’s office using a ouija board before a filling.

I sure hope you can change clothes. I’ll be the one in the rainbow footie pajamas and matching rainbow afro clown wig. That would be sweet.