I saw a homeless guy yesterday that used to go to AA

I went downstairs to go outside and wait on my Ubereats. I guy I know from AA was outside begging for someone to help him out. All I could do is give him $5.00. He can’t spend it on booze because yesterday was Sunday, and alcohol can’t be legally sold on Sunday. It’s too bad. He used to volunteer and do yard work for the AA meeting place.


I knew a schizoaffective guy in IOP. He was in his 50s. I then saw him at AA. Then a year later I saw him at a liquor store. Now I dunno if he’s sober but he works at a grocery store pushing carts. ■■■■ happens. I think it’s good u gave him $5 even if he spent on booze cuz he was your friend

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Thanks Tupac. As far as I know, he doesn’t have a mental illness. He’s just an alcoholic.

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I walked two blocks to the ATM and took out $20.00 to give to him if I see him again. I only had $35.64 left in my checkbook until the 3rd of June. I didn’t see him out there today. If he has an ID so the security guard will let him in the building, I’ll invite him up to my apartment.

He will have to leave at 9:30pm without a 24-hour advance notice to the landlord that he will be spending the night.

Damn!!! Hold onto your money if that’s all u got!!! You gotta think about yourself before your friend, my friend!!!

You can invite him up if he’s not gonna take advantage of that. Give him a meal or something . But don’t give him that much of your net worth!! Especially for alcohol. You never know if u might need it either. Right?

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I’ll be alright. I have a credit card for emergencies and don’t have a car that I need to put gas in. All my bills are paid for the month, and groceries are going to be delivered today. The groceries are why I only have $35 dollars left. There’s $1,500.00 in my savings account, but I don’t want to spend it. $1,400 of it was the stimulus check.

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Interesting. Booze is sold on Sundays here as I live in a province full of rednecks who need to be drunk 24/7. Heaven forbid something gets in the way of that.

Sorry to hear the fellow is struggling. Unfortunately, AA can’t save everyone, partcularly those who don’t or won’t work the steps.

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Oh interesting on your liquor laws. My home state Connecticut had some of the strictest liquor laws in the country back before I was 21. Now I’m 21+ and don’t wanna drink ever they’ve progressively made the laws more lax. You can now drink riding shotgun. They now sell liquor on sundays too. Up till 5 pm. You can’t get liquor everywhere. There’s a lot of town individual laws. Back at my apartment I could walk to many liquor spots. But now I would have to walk miles and Walgreens doesn’t sell it either or gas stations either

I’m in the state of Arkansas where alcohol sales on Sunday and Christmas Day are illegal. If you go to a private club they can serve alcohol on Sundays. Homeless people don’t have the money for private clubs though.

They probably can get cooking sherry or listerine at the supermarket though

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True, except you can’t buy the cooking sherry. Only beer and wine can be sold in pharmacies and grocery stores. I don’t know if sherry is considered wine.

I never worried about getting alcohol on Sundays. I’d stock up Saturday night.

I never could keep alcohol in my apartment though. I would drink it all in a couple of days.


Well I’ve got my AA meeting tomorrow morning. I’ve been sober 75 days now.


Cooking sherry is sold at grocery stores next to the vinegar

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Thanks dividedself.

Tomorrow’s AA meeting is at my psychiatric care provider. After I get my groceries at 1pm, I may walk to the old AA meeting place and see if he’s hanging out there. I might just go to a meeting while I’m there.


My groceries came a half-hour late, and my knee just about gave out standing outside waiting. I just took some more Ibuprofen and am going to the 5:30pm meeting regardless. Maybe someone will give me a lift home.

I used to see people that were in the psychward with me homeless wandering the streets.

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Thanks lofifunk.