I said sorry to my colleagues

For causing offence but they’re like I’m quiet I’ve never said or done anything then why do I feel like ■■■■. Like I said something and I feel extremely guilty about it. But I don’t know what it is. I mean maybe they’re having a bad day so they don’t talk to me much why do I feel bad. I left work early after as I was feeling ■■■■ why expose my weakness like that stupid me.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

That ethereal undefinable feeling of guilt… or dread… it’s bitten me too…

I can’t put my finger on it… but I feel like I’m in deep trouble for something I can’t explain.

My doc says for me… it’s part of my anxiety and catastrophic thinking.

As far as your colleagues having a hard day… well it is the holidays… and there is lot’s and lots of stress around… lot’s of people get depressed and stressed around this time.

It’s not a weakness to say your sorry…

Be kind to yourself… :v:


Yes - sometimes people I work with are quiet and I think maybe I said or did something that caused it, but then I realize that we all have bad days sometimes and they likely just don’t feel like talking that day. I try to be friendly and positive and not just think that people are responding to my actions or things I say.


I got them a box of choc and said sorry I told my manager I was going through some ups and downs then left for the day. I have this intense feeling no one there likes me and I don’t know why.