Feeling down,wanting people to leave me alone

I am feeling down or so,yet some people don’t understand and I feel pressure to talk because they keep trying to include me
The thing is I am at my work yet I can’t leave because I feel not very responsible leaving work earlier always,I must bear this through

Did something happen that is bringing the feeling? or is it pressure at work?

If you do not want to talk to, just say politely that you need to finish your work. I am sure your colleagues will understand this and won’t bother you. But if there is something that is particularly hurting you then you should talk about it to someone whom you trust.

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Remember to breathe. When you get a break or get off work take some you time. Grab a drink and or something to eat and go to a park, by water etc.

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It’s some stress at work and also I think my relationship with my colleague is not that good,I used to be too weak and negative,they know that…but now I am thinking positively even at the hardest time because only by staying positive I can help myself

I just feel down just now but I feel bad actually when I see people had good laugh and talk

I hope you are feeling better now. Don’t worry, not all days are same. One day you would be cheerful in the same way :smiley:

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Thank you,things can do better I believe

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I get that way often. I will feel down and just want to be by myself. I socialize a lot with friends and sometimes I just want to be alone. I force myself sometimes to hang out with them when they call but I think that’s a good thing. Isolating myself would probably just make things worse.