I remember when LLCoolJ was cutting edge

I was living by myself in what used to be a storage closet but was turned into a studio. It fit a bed and a dresser drawer and that was basically it. I was in the midst of my addiction. I actually had 4 or 5 regular friends who I partied with almost every day. I made friends with my neighbor, eventually he got violent when he suspected that I was not as I seemed. But before that we had some good times partying on Stanford Campus, hanging out in the fraternities houses and going to parties. But him and my other friend were into new music, this was 1987. It was right when those weird names for artists were coming out. But they had a cassette of LLCoolJ that they brought over my house and we listened to it all the time. To tell you the truth, I didn’t like it. Something has to be around for years before I like it. Incidentally this was when Bon Jovi hit it big too. But yeah, when I finally got kicked out for not paying rent for two and a half months I thought my 6 month stay there was a sucess! My dad thought it was a failure and a disaster and told me so. He surprised me. I thought it was a success because I made friends and knew a few people. And I survived!

I am sorry you had such a rough life growing up with addictions @77nick77 makes me realize just how good a life I had growing up even though I had my addictions too I didn’t get as deep as you. but I am that deep on weed addiction now. still struggling with how to stop. I feel helpless.

JUkjebox, I guess I made it sound like I was 'growing up" but actually I was 27 or 28 and this was the first time since I got sick that I lived on my own and not in some kind of mental health housing. I was just renting a private studio in an apartment complex in town.


I guess I’m mixing with memories from your former posts when you did all those hard drugs? I pray you stay on here on this forum longer than me @77nick77 I don’t know what I would do without your familiar voice on here ! I love you.