Grew up in Brit pop time. Was a pretty hedonistic time

Lots of drugs. I wonder if I was born at another time I wouldn’t have gotten ill


When was that? The 90s? I remember when Oasis was so big here. I liked some of their songs. The 90s was my heyday i think. Very out-of-control then in my youth. Lots of getting high and the onset of MI.

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When I was in highschool the punk and art scene was really big in my area. My friends and I ran a collective and yes there was lots of drug use. I don’t regret any of it.

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Yeah, personally in my entire four years in high school in the seventies it was all about sex, drugs and rock & roll. Well, minus the sex. And actually it was only marijuana, and now that I think of it, I only liked listening to Harry Belafonte singing Day-O.

Maybe I wasn’t as cool as I thought back then.

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Drugs have been there since the 60’s and even before then if you really look at the lives of artists.

Lot’s of nastier drugs out there these days. Like when I was growing up we had junkies but they just pretty much stole all your gear and bolted. Things like meth and stuff I just can’t get my head around. It just doesn’t look like fun so you know chemically it’s doing something amazing for you.

Pot really helped my after a depressive break at 23. It slowed down my thoughts and I felt more normal. A couple of years later it was doing strange things to me even though I stayed smoking it. Anxiety attacks and strange thoughts till psychosis. I wasn’t even smoking too much when I went psychotic.

I’m glad I grew up when I did. I think that is the attitude to have. You can’t change it but you can change your now and future. That is cool by me!


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