I regret leaving the house everytime i go somewhere

i thought i was functional but really im not i was in the store and this guy said excuse me like 10 times for me to let him by but i was thinking so much at the time i didnt really understand that he was talking to me, and i always get irritated by whoever im with when i go somewhere and i was pretty delusional in the car thinking people were stealing my stuff while im out the house because my brothers friend is in the house but didnt go to the store with us

there is so many reasons and things that happen to me but i think im just gonna stay in my room for the rest of my life and only go to the grocery store on my weekends with my father because than i am actually getting stuff i need so i am thinking about my list


I only leave the house about once a month, so I feel your pain. It’s not particularly healthy probably :confused:

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Sometimes i find it therapeutic to go out and be in public sometimes even if I don’t like it. I don’t think it’s good to always stay in your home. I don’t like doing it but I always feel better when i get home after I have gone out and done something.

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I hear you. I only go out for grocery shopping with my mom and I only go when it’s not busy.

My family and my doctors push me to go out and every time it is the same bad experience…
I only like to meet non-normies, they are so kind and humble that I don’t get paranoid.

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"I regret leaving the house everytime i go somewhere"
me too. but if i don’t leave, i would starve and get more unfit

I’m just the opposite. I don’t want to go out sometimes but the majority of the time when I go out good things happen to me and I’m glad I went out. Whether it’ a cute woman smiling at me or getting a friendly look from ¢someone or learning something new.

I usually regret NOT going out.


I avoid going out and rather just stay at home and manage Day to day life and chores at home.

I can suffer immensely being around people.
At home too such as around my boyfriends friends n family etc

But sometimes it is not as horrid but more doable depending on situation n. Who.

I said no and usually say no to dinner invites.
I just do not want to take the risk.
Being attacked spiritually and want to leave and not. Be able to or get psychotic etc
I rather stay at home and let my boyfriend go with out me it seems.
It’s just to painful for me.
Dinner with his parents I have suffered also but forse myself to endure it .
I think I like them somehow but did on one occasion feel attacked by them but forgave them for it.
It’s still painful. Ring around most people specially for longer time periods.
That’s majority but there seems to be a minority I can be around more comfortably.

My boyfriends friend just came around and asked me to put kettle on.
He said it in a really rude way.
But I shall be well mannered and make him a coffee despite that he told my bf he does not like me.
I almost snapped at him but held my tounge and remembered I value good manners and being polite despite that his tone was all but polite.

I am grateful I can go out.

Years ago I was unable cause was to many symptoms I suffered too much n could not even do grocery shopping.

Nowadays I can go to shops most days some days I don’t feel up to it.

I am happy to be able to get out.

My boyfriend made the coffee instead cause I was not in a rush to make it with that bitchy tone of voice…

Blessed be and good on us.

We can be so proud to get out and I understand that and appreciate that and humble to it .


I once went 5 months without going to any kind of grocery store, regular store, or restaurant when my (ex) husband moved out. I only ate what we had left in the house. Needless to say my weight dropped down from 135lbs to 94 lbs. wasnt very healthy time for me spiritually, mentally or physically.

For about 1.5 years I only left my apt once per week and that was to go around the corner and get a sandwich I liked. Now I’ve got a bunch of reasons to get out so it’s more like 5 times a week, but I still don’t like doing it

i dont like going out either… but today was kinda different… i went out grocery shopping and for once i felt happy to be around people… was happy with my environment… its different when i go to the hospital to get my meds though… that’s always depressing… everyone looks sick and poor… including me… lol…

It gets better with time. You should atleast aim to get out the house sometimes, even if it’s for a walk up and down your road! :slight_smile:

@spiderpig beats me to it again… I try to get out but to places there are no other people… Id rather walk in a creek that probably has venomous water snakes than have to stand in line at Walmart with a bunch of mouth breathing normies…


You put it so much for eloquently than I did :joy: Second that with the water snakes

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