I recently had a hemorrhoid attack. I am taking medicine. Have you experienced this disease?

Have you ever had such a nasty disease? For example, hemorrhoids


Ah the joy of hemorrhoids. The itching and burning in my ass from years of straining due to constipation from the meds. I found the cheapest way so far for me to deal with it when it flares up is to stick a cheap suppository in the rectum and keep it there. It relieves it for a while although it leaves a wet mark on my pants. Another way to deal with it is to put basil powder in your eggs in the morning so you are unlikely to have constipation. If it gets really bad I don’t know what I’ll do about it but that’s how I’m dealing with it for now.


I haven’t had a hemorrhoid for years. I used to get them when I ate crappier and was drinking and using. Maybe more fiber-rich foods or Metamucil. Lots of fluids. And a good supply of suppositories.

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Lets have a good conversation about snot and vomit.


i think i got one a while ago from drinking a bunch of cayenne pepper powder mixed with water i was on the toilet all day and it burned so much for days idk what i would do if it lasted any longer than it did

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How did you get this disease

Pay attention to diet health.

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God amazing. So…

someone who was offended with me one time said, “do your hemorrhoids hang like grapes?”


This is amazing. I need to say this to the next person that annoys me. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

On a serious note I’m sorry you are having to deal with this man, sz is painful enough as it is. I hope you can heal and get better soon :pray:t6:

Long term constipation as far as I know.

Hahaha no He is a nectarine😂

The main reason you guessed right

Thank you, I’ve taken medicine.

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Hahaha I am so embarrassed Maybe women are more likely to get the disease than men

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You should have answered, " Yes sir, indeed they do, but you’re the only one here with the whine."


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