I rebroke my ankle

I think I damaged my right ankle again, getting out of the shower. it hurt almost as bad as breaking it the first time. Before I damaged it again, I could walk on it a tiny bit with one crutch now I can’t. any advice?

go to the doctor cbbrown. its probably broke. man, where’s the compassion in your in laws??

Stuff happens. You have to get to the hospital. We all know about the crap your in-laws will put you through for wanting to go to the hospital. Stuff happens, people make mistakes. You cannot leave this untreated. Get it taken care of and and then once it’s treated be very, very, very careful so you don’t re-injure it. I have a bad back. I will have to be careful for the rest of my life. I was thinking about my back just this morning and it dawned on me that I will never be able play sports again or do many physical things anymore. Anyway, we have to show more caution and be more careful then people who don’t have injuries. Sad but true.

Yes, get out of that house at all costs. Sounds like nothing but misery and utter disregard for you - another human being.

Please go to the hospital. Ice it to reduce swelling and pain of the joint.
We worry about your well being. Please, take care. I send you luck.

I broke my foot in 2012, when a 65Lb aluminum suitcase fell on it from a standing position, and after 3 months in a cast/boot,the Dr’s said it was healed and good to go.
Well, 2 months later I was tippy-toeing in front of our backdoor, and when I came down, I heard a loud crack.
Went back to the Dr’s and ended up in another cast/and or boot for another 6 months.
They kept threatening surgery to put a pin in it, but the best they ever did was let me use a bone stimulating machine on it to promote healing.
Be very careful if it doesn’t heal right because it can cause pain for the rest of your life.

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Please go to the doctor!

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one of my partner’s co workers took me to the hospital this morning, they said I damaged it worse but wouldn’t go into details. They said Its important I make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. They said I shouldn’t have expected it to be better so soon and not to push myself it takes 8-10 weeks for a bone to heal. They want me to start taking a calcium supplement at least that’s what the ER doctor suggested. They were going to give me another prescription for Vicodin but I said I have plenty of ibprophen I have like three bottles of it for my back.

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It’s critical to see the orthopedist. I broke my foot two years ago, and I had to see first an orthopedist and then I saw a podiatrist. I had 5 visits over 10 weeks that I had to go to. Progressive X-Ray monitoring was what I had done. They have to make sure your bones are healing before they let you out of the casts/boot. Ankle fractures are worse than a broken bone in the foot. You simply must see the doctors as time goes by. You could end up with a significant limp and improperly fused bones which may make you walk awkwardly and increase your chance of refracture. PLEASE see the doc. PLEASE…


Please don’t let those malicious people dictate your life. You need to see an orthopedist, you go see and orthopedist, no questions there.

You’re more important, you’re the most important thing in your life.

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I got around them this morning.


Get it checked by a doctor. You don’t want it to become an aggravated situation.

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