Hurt myself again this time on accident

i had to hurry out of bed to try and let my partner up and I think I broke my ankle but no one wants to take me to the hospital. they sold me since I can move it (barely) that I may have just sprained it. I’ve fractured my ankle in the past and I could move it a little. I just know if flipping hurts, I can barely put any weight on it. i’m hoping its just a sprain a bad sprain but still just a sprain.

Can you call a taxi to go to the hospital? You should definitely go to the hospital!

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If it is broken and proper medical attention is not given to it, it could heal wrong leaving it permanently maladjusted. Just make the best decision for your health, not another’s convenience.

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Hmm, I have serious ligament deformities that have left me in some arm and leg braces, so I generally have knowledge about bone/ligament stuff.
If you don’t have full mobility, you could’ve either torn the ligament or possibly broken the bone. In both cases, you want to go to the doctors. It is best to go soon. It is important to get it stabilized for proper healing. Ice also of course will help with swelling

(Sorry, Dr. Sharp came to visit XD)
Good luck!

I’m sorry that this happened to you @cbbrown.

Try to go see a doctor ASAP.

The sooner, the better.

I told you a week ago that I didn’t want to stir up trouble in your living situation by anything we say. BUT…are these freaking people inhuman? If someone might have hurts themselves seriously you take the person to the hospital. It might be just a sprain, but if there’s any doubt or possibility that it might be broken you have it checked out.

I would like to believe that you’re in laws are just ignorant and uninformed and not as callous and delebrately mean as they sound. I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. But in this case their meanness and cruelty could potentially lead to a life-long health problem for you if it is really broken and it goes untreated.

There’s an old saying, “It’s better to err on the side of good judgement”. In other words it’s better to be taken to the hospital just in case. You don’t take chances with your health. Like I said, I don’t want to stir up trouble in your household but everything I said is common sense.

Even if it’s a sprain you should go to the hospital. From reading your posts over the last few months I think you are a decent, good person who deserves to be treated with respect and like a human being. But these people are not treating you like this.


I agree with nick!

Did you go to the hospital @cbbrown?

yeah my partner convinced them to let me go to the hospital. I broke the distal fibula in the ankle or leg. They put me in a big boot and gave me crutches. it really freaking hurts. i’m not suppose to put any weight on that leg but I have to, to use the crutches I never learned the proper way to use them. my mother in law kind of made me mad, their dog kept hitting my bad leg and it would make me scream. my mother in law tells me I have to stop screaming like that, that they all have been in pain and yet they don’t scream.

I just read it and it really grinds my gears. Why people tell others that they could better control their pain is beyond me. I mean, no one really knows how you are feeling, and it is not their place to judge.

My mother did the same thing when I had my lateral ligament and tibia bone replaced on the first leg. (The second time she was nicer…) Like, how do they know how it feels? Btw, you deserve to scream because that is a justifiable pain.

Crutches are a pain but will get easier. Make sure they are adjusted for your height though! On my first surgery, the crutches were set for someone 3 inches shorter which went pretty badly. I wish you the greatest luck. I wish I could offer more advice by all my surgeries were ankle up D:. Take care.

The honeymoon is over, I had to take the dog out with out my crutches, they were like, “well you got a boot” then they accused me of milking it since their grandson got a small piece of bone removed from his leg and was up walking around the next day. true he’s a kid but I think there is a difference between a piece taken out then breaking the bone. They told me to call my parents to come get me which is always what they do when they get tired of me. Then afterwards they told me not to tell kay because they don’t want problems with her.

Seriously, are they planning on staying with you forever? Seems like they just want to hassle you! You should definitely tell her, you can’t have that stress in your life.

I’m glad you went to the hospital.

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