Broke My Foot

Broke my foot and may require surgery. I have what is called a Jones Fracture, and that’s where you shave off you fifth metatarsal. Not fun! To all my friends one here, keep me in your thoughts/prayers. Jaynebeal, mortimermouse, and Wave, would especially like to hear from you!

Oh man, I am sorry to hear this happened. I will keep you in my thoughts. Good luck with the surgery. When are you due in?

goodluck alien.
wish you all the best during surgery

My peer specialist broke her foot and lost a toenail the other day. She had kicked her foot through a wall.

Speedy recovery Alien.

I am sorry that you broke your foot.

Hey Alien, Im so sorry that this happened. My cousin came in to our house to see us, and he broke his foot too.
He is doing well, and its healing fine. Just thank your lucky stars that it wasnt worse I guess. It could have been both feet or something! Im sure the doctors know their stuff, and if you have to have surgery it will be fine. It will be a bit of an inconvenience but if you can deal with schizophrenia you can deal with anything, Im sure. I will keep you in my thoughts. If the doctor say you need surgery, maybe you can get a second and third opinion


Hopefully you will not need surgery and will heal quickly.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

I hope it heals soon and you are not in too much pain.

Wow, thank you for the outpouring of support. To whomever asked, the goal is go keep me in boot for 2 weeks, and then reevaluate.

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That’s not the worst thing that could happen. It makes it hard to get around, but at least you can get around a bit.

Still though… not fun. Sorry you have to go through that.

Hopefully you won’t have to have surgery. I hope you don’t end up in too much pain.

Let us know how it’s going. I’m rooting for you.

Thanks for the encouragement J. I’ll check back later when I kow more.

i hope it heals quickly…a tonne of vit c will help, aids recovery .
take care

Well here;s details. I sheared off the knuckle on my left pinkie . The bone that was there was to balance, and the podiatrist did speak with said it;s an 8-10 week heal-time. I go back in 2 weeks to get this fan boot off.

hope your recover quickly.

this girl ■■■■■■ me up pretty bad in soccer last week. almost 2 weeks ago now. and my foot is still not at 100%.

get well soon and be careful lol x

Damn man, that is some ■■■■. I can’t euphemize serious injuries, I have had some myself, namely a cracked rib, a cracked knuckle, epididmitus (testicle injection) and a torn lower abdomen, in my groin, the lowest part of the abdomens.

The plus side is that they will give you a bottle of painkillers when you have surgery. That’s all I can really reassure you about- you will be strung out on opiate derivatives like oxycotin if you have a painful surgery. So when you do, be like me and watch an entire TV series and be lazy and try to enjoy that part of the whole healing process!

So sorry to hear that man, that seriously sucks. You seem to be handling it pretty well.


Spoke to Janna yesterday and ur chocolates will b sent on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Get well soon hunni. Here if u need me. Love to u both

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Try not to put pressure (walk) on your foot, even with the boot, it will heal faster, even if the Dr says it’s ok to walk in the boot.

I had same fracture, and was in a boot and/or cast for 11 months.

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