I Really Wish I Learned How to Basketweave

It would be an honest profession, I’d get to sit in a chair, and it probably wouldn’t be that difficult.


I wish I’d learned about music, music theory etc.

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They always used to joke in high school about taking a basket weaving class. It was an old joke. The joke was that it would be the easiest class to take.


Hey man, taking Home Ec was a great way to meet girls.


I think most guys took it at our school for the cooking part. The teachers would teach how to make cookies and everybody got to keep the cookies they made.


I ate too many of the Snickerdoodles I made in home ec and threw up. I swore off them for the rest of my life lol.

I learned a lot about cleaning clothes (detergent ‘makes water wetter’ the teacher used to say) and learned about how the microwave takes longer if you put more stuff or bigger plates in it. It was a fun class. I took shop as well, was always afraid I’d lose a finger in that class.

I like the idea of basket weaving though. I feel like I could do that if I lived on a tropical island.

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I want to learn how to weave fabric. Did it in a high school art class once and enjoyed it. I learned that crochet and knitting won’t ever captivate me though.


When I went to an outpatients day centre in the mid-late 1970s there was a choice between basket weaving, making stuffed animals, carpentry and to a lesser extent making simple cakes. I was totally useless at the first three, and so so at making cakes.

A few years later there was play reading. 5 or so of us would have to share 3 rather dog eared copies of plays. Usually 1-2 people were more asleep than awake.

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