Time for college

have just enrolled on a dress making course! can’t wait to start. it will b fun learning and get me out of the house. sick and tired of these four walls tbh. it starts in 4 weeks time. go me!!!


This is really great news. Dress making can lead to big stuff. Fashion is a big thing.

I am very happy for you, and I know you have the strong will to make it… :smile: :thumbsup: :star2:

I am rooting for you.

AAWW THANX HUNNI! ur always so positive. i sincerely hope u get the child u wish for one day. ull make a great father…so long as u don’t handcuff said child to ur beltloops lol

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Sounds like fun. Good for you. Are you going for a degree, or just going to take a few classes here and there?

its only a ten week course but who knows what i’ll do next. i woul like to take my school exams as i emigrated b4 i could take them and only came out with a business course. it got me a job but that’s about it. i then did a web design course a few years ago but that didn’t really spark my interest tbh. i passed obviously but i’m not really into it if u know what i mean. i’m hoping i’m going o enjoy this one and maybe get myself a sewing machine and make some clothes for me and the kids. what i’ll do afterwards i don’t know. wish me luck!

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that is awesome :smile:

i really hope you enjoy it x

its good to have something to do if you can do that, its a great distraction from all the bad stuff,

i’m looking for something as well, the flaming vocational guy isnt available for another month though :frowning: feels like i’m losing out on things because of it :frowning:

maybe try something a little less taxing. maybe carpentry? then u can use ur wood skills. xxx

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i like carpentry and i have got the tools but i have nowhere to work, i learnt how to measure and do basic carpentry a while ago.

if you take up dress making you are lucky because you can do that in your house and it wont interfere with anything, i guess you could potentially get lots of fancy designer designs and try to copy them for yourself lol, could save you a ton of money. idk if you could fing any of these designs online.

Good luck!..

i’ll start off with other peoples [atterns and once i’ve learnt that i’ll make my own. i have lots of ideas of things i’d like to make. just need the fabric and the knowledge. hoping the course will go well. xxx

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There was a poster on here who did costume work for SCA and renaissance fairs and reenactment groups. She made a good wage doing that.

My sis will buy clothing from the Value Village thrift shop and alter a hem there and add a ruffle here and cut the sleeves and hem them up a bit more and then the dress looks like new.

She likes getting odd stuff from the thrift and seeing what she can do to make it her style. She once cut along the outside seam of a pair of jeans and added this Japanese silk stripe of cloth from the waist band to the hem on both legs and it looked amazing. Rough denim mixed with this amazing silk stripe (she got the material from the thrift too. Not enough to make anything but just enough for what she wanted to do.)

These cool jeans of her only cost $4.00. And people were coming to her and wanted her to do the same thing to their jeans.

I bet you will have a lot of fun learning this. It’s a skill that a lot of people don’t have any more. I really hope you enjoy the class. This is something small that could create something big and fun.

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