I really think I am developing an antisocial personality type

I’m happiest alone
I can’t find real friends
Everytime I socialize it leads to a lot of driving and a lot of idiots smoking weed
I don’t know how to find people that are genuinely good
And I’m tired of people using me

I don’t think thats antisocial. Antisocial means having no mercy/empathy, taking advantage of others, no remorse, etc

Sz negative symptoms include no desire for social interactions.

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Maybe try and find a punk rock venue/club and seek out some straight edge friends.

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Capital idea, @Montezuma !

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Thanks bud! :slight_smile: I would do similar if I still lived in the inner city.

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i found some characters in my 30s. still stuck on one. i dont know that doesnt sound anti social just stuck smoking with idiots. i actually only hangout with family in recent years but my friends are all out there somewhere.

Sadly, here in Wilmington we only have one such club but it’s mainly goth with occasional industrial shows. Plus it’s waaaaay out on the edge of town. Bummer.

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What a bummer. I’m out in the burbs of Ks. I have no idea where the punk rock kids hang out around here.

I know Kcmo used to have a pretty big hardcore scene.


IRL i feel im 100% asocial. Been like this all my life - just got worse with SZ.

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It seems avoidant/paranoid spectrum.

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avoidant. thats something i was.

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