I really feel like smoking weed again

Should i be worried.

I juat wanna live that lekker life fo sho son and smoke some weed.

Im hungry for it. Which maybe is a bad thing

Yeah bad move. Not the best for most sz people and it’ll be a step backwards. You under more stress or something lately? R you doing ok?


Not a good idea brah

Still better than alcohol doh

Don’t imagine the good first couple of days. Imagine all the days you’ll have after that and why you decided to quit.


Is it because of your CBD business @anon39015889 ?

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Booze and drugs call me by name sometimes.

The cravings will pass whether you use or not.

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I’ve been getting the itch myself. will wait til it’s legal before I risk my sanity.

It is legal here but not worth the risk, to me anyway.

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Think before you act. What does weed do for you? It messes up most schizophrenics minds who smoke it. You will also be spending money that could better be spent elsewhere. If you smoke it, afterward you will probably be beating yourself up for giving in to the urges. There’s a possibility that even if your intent is to smoke just one joint, it may trigger more urges to smoke more. It’s possible you could get sucked back into the drug lifestyle and go downhill fast. Just think it through, is it really worth the risks?


It will destroy your brain. Super bad idea.

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I have not smoked weed in about 4 months. I understand the craving. My advice is don’t give it much thought.

If you do decide to smoke, do it in an environment where you feel safe. Don’t drive while stoned and keep in mind many people with schizophrenia react badly to mind altering substances. I’m not necessarily encouraging the use. Only suggesting if you do decide to try to take precautions so that you’ll be okay just in case your mind plays tricks on you.

I can smoke small amounts and be fine though if I smoke like I used to, it starts really dumbing me down and I overthink things. For the record my first psychiatrist gave me a prescription for it before it was legal recreationally here. It helped with a few side effects of the antipsychotic he also put me on. Oh and one more thing, some antipsychotics have different reactions to cannabis. Some might lessen their effectiveness causing you to feel symptoms you normally would experience if not for medication.

One last thing, remember you can only get so high. You can smoke more to maintain the high but sometimes you don’t need much to feel okay. Matter of fact, usually you don’t need any at all to feel okay. It does help with depression among other things. Don’t make that an excuse to smoke unless the depression is real.

Weed is much stronger than it was in the 60’s. It’s all hydroponically grown and is very strong.

I found out that thanks to my experience with it, and it didn’t end well.

Depends how susceptible you are to it. I started smoking it when I was 11, which ■■■■■■ my brain up.

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Treebeard brings up an excellent point. That’s kind of what Inmeant by don’t give it much thought heh. I should have elaborated, just let the thought pass and don’t think so much about it. I don’t think it is a necessity for you right now. You’ve been fine without it so far.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, what @Joker stated is very true. On both accounts, cannabis has shown to alter developing brains especially if one smokes during adolescence. Cannabis is also much more potent now, ironically, it is easier to find cannabis with higher THC content than it is to find clean low THC cannabis.

Honestly I’d sometimes smoke some old school cannabis from a medical dispensary more often than high THC buds. At 90 dollars an ounce it was easier on the pocket as well. Heh.:slightly_smiling_face:

One time during an episode of psychosis, I was having, I smoked some really high volume THC bud and I started crying thinking about people who were burned during the Holocaust. It was not the best experience.

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Don’t do it. Weed is no fun anymore now that I have psychosis. I had to learn that the hard way.