I avoid the friend who smokes joints

I don’t want to smoke any.
I don’t care about the hallucinations but it screws me emotionally, makes me unstable

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Smoking weed makes you lazy and not give a ■■■■ about life. Glad I gave it up and only did it for a few years. I think it might have been the worst decision I have ever made, to smoke it that is.


I smoked it for little while to help with anxiety and I think it messed with my IQ. I feel a little sharper without it. Not that I’m all that bright, but I need all the help I can get lol.


Best way mate - you dont wanna be tempted. Its good your making your mental health a priority.

Its bloody great for short term relief of anxiety - but i was told, you might as well not take Ap’s if your smoking it - cos it just cancels them out - this came from a CPN.

Us schizophrenics get paranoid enough - we dont need to add to it with weed.


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