I realize now why I am sza and not sz

When I’m on meds and I have an episode it is usually activated by a mood episode. I don’t become floridly psychotic. But my insight completely goes out the window. They go hand in hand. Mood difficulties and loss of insight at the same time. When I was off meds tho, I was psychotic 24/7.


You must have episodes without the mood component to be diagnosed with sza.

When I was off meds I was psychotic 24/7 and the moods barely showed. Or I didn’t have enough insight to notice them. It was my primary issue. Now on meds my mood acts up, I automatically become psychotic. I’m pretty sure that’s the criteria. @Wave would know best as he’s struggled with understanding his diagnosis.


With SZA you have constant psychosis with occasional shifts in mood, either bipolar or depression.

You seem to have good insight into your disorder @Jonnybegood.

With bipolar one gets psychotic only when manic or depressed.


I have sza too. I was diagnosed with sz before but I had a history of mood swings from when I first got sick. When I relapsed the first symptom to come back was depression and occasionally highs as well. My psychosis happened both in mood phases and out of them when I was normal.

Nowadays on meds I don’t have much mood problems and get intermittent psychotic symptoms even when I’m in normal mood.

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That’s right. Psychosis even in normal mood. Thats the definition of sza


I get supposed delusions all the time but I don’t believe them to be delusions. So that kind of blurs the boundaries. But even when my mood is normal I think I’m the chosen one. So there.


If one day I get anointed Jesus Christ maybe they’ll rediagnose me bi polar :wink:


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