I read its possible to rewire ones brains.......?

I know I rewired mine 100%



is it possible @anon49063606…?

If it was possible there would be no neurodevelopmental disorders like autism.

I don’t think it’s possible to “rewire” one’s brain, no

i disagree in my case i did it

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You should write a book about it. You’ll be rich

“How to Rewire A Brain from Schizophrenia”

there is a mild form of sz, we are not all the same, in the DSM

I realize that. But you didn’t just wake up one day and decide, “I’m gonna rewire my brain so I don’t have schizophrenia”. I’m not saying you can’t recover from sz, but you don’t just “rewire” your brain. That’s delusional talk.

Its your meds that rewired your brain.

i will comintue to feel good reagradless of posts made…now

ok prove it…?

How do you do without meds?

Yes you can rewire your brain. Consider you developed a habit of waking from night time sleep at a fixed time say 8 AM. Your mind automatically wakes you up in this time everyday. On the other hand consider you slept more than 8 AM for some days then your mind no longer wakes you up at 8 AM. Here you rewired your brain to wake up 8 AM at first then disrupted that.

You can rewire your brain. It is called neuroplasticity and it is an emerging area of study in neuroscience.

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Habits are not mental diseases… if anyone would be cured what tou say “rewired” then schizophrenia wouldnt be life long illness and the last time i checked SZ is lifelong illness

For now. The more research we do, the more we can uncover new treatment options. Neuroplasticity is still a very new and confusing area of research. So far, studies have shown that rewiring the brain with CBT can alleviate symptoms of many mental illnesses. Maybe schizophrenia is one of them.

I think people just want to make some talking therapies to look effective while its just often not. Iid rather take a pill and know its working

Consider a person who have both hands suddenly met with an accident and lost one. Previously he used both hands to perform daily functions. But now left with the option to use only one hand. After he start to perform daily activities using one hand his brain get rewired to perform functions with single hand. This kind of adaptation is possible in brain. Other example is some neurons in the brain got damaged, brain tries to reallocate functions performed by that part to other neurons.

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