Reality is overrated

For quite sometime now I have been rejecting this reality that I’m living in. In my view from down here, nothing exist, just thoughts and actions that make a new future. A shroud of dreams, just nothing is making sense. Ever since this meme came out about “Wake up you have been in this simulation for too long.” I have been trying to wake up, what if I’m in a simulation… I talked to my psychiatrist and told me this was solipsism and nihilism, a part of the disease. I pose a question, if nothing is real then morality isn’t real and since morality isn’t real in itself how do we determine reality as a factual thing if it is something society deems real because everyone is experiencing the same thing? I don’t know… Lol I’m just “delusional” I guess.


Very Matrix-y post there. I agree with most of it too, by the way.

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Thank you @GreenEggsandHam.

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