I quit the AOT team, and now the standard CMHT are not contacting me

I am not sure what to do.

Did not think the AOT team which is now a rehab team was relevant to me, and I said to them when I refused their care that this would have been good nearly 20 years ago.

They actually admitted that their approach was mainly intended for people just diagnosed, and understood my reluctance to continue treatment with them

But since I have been back with the standard community team, I have been ignored.

I have tried maybe once or twice a week since the 6th October to speak to someone about my medication, and it’s now the 18th November - still no direct contact

Not sure what to do.

Seems like their services are more schizophrenic than I am. Going from intense monitoring, to literally nothing.

As advised here I have toned down my previous behaviour towards them

So the net result of that is that I have no help.

It feels like to me that I have the equivalent of a DNR - except one for mental health.


You’re missing 10% of the solution, but you have always been the other 90%

You got this man.



I’m not in the UK, but I’m giving your thread a BUMP until others in your country can see your post.

I agree with @ozymandias - you got this! :purple_heart:


tbh I’m happy to keep them at arms length, I’m glad i can do things without the need to see a cpn, i ditched my cpn in 2013

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Do you think the benefit of this approach works? Sometimes I get more stressed with the contact

But recently I have not been disclosing much to them

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I found it a little challenging at first but i got use to it, I suppose it depends how much help/support you think you need.

I kind of think the care team deliberately shy away to encourage independence anyway but that’s just my opinion.

I just try & keep myself busy & ‘get on with it’ if i really need help i can call the duty nurse at my care centre & i have other numbers for helplines & a few friends i can call.

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