I feel better when I don’t

Interact with my “mental health team” or whatever it’s called… I haven’t spoke to my prescriber in a few months… and I haven’t spoken to my therapist in a few months… I don’t know, I know it definitely helps some people but for me all it does is remind me that I’m sick… and it can trigger me a little bit. I take my meds everyday of coarse.


Same. I don’t have a pdoc or therapist. I take my pills daily. If I want to change my meds I can ask my family Dr.

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Do you not see them, because you don’t need them as much anymore?

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Yea I have a mental health nurse. We speak sometimes but for some reason he hasn’t called me in ages.

I must have missed his call at one point. And now they’re not following up on me?

I’m not so keen on the suicidal, medication checklist questions

And sometimes I feel I’m telling them too much.

So I’m not really chasing after him now that he’s not called or sent a letter.

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I suppose that’s probably why…

Cause before it was nice to have people to talk to… and I was freshly out of psychosis.


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I take my pills every day. I don’t have a therapist or attend any mental health groups. I got a new pdoc in 2018 but prior to that it was my family doctor that prescribed my meds, I only saw him a few times a year to get a prescription. From about 2005 to 2018 (13 years) I didn’t have a pdoc.


I can relate. When I was pregnant and under the mother and infant mental health team, the psychiatrist was particularly judgey, and although the nurses were friendly, I had a hard time reading my medical notes later.

Could you bring it up with the health team that you feel better off with less contact?

Good luck on your pregnancy @Human, wishing you all the best.

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