I Quit my job

I think we are the same age. Around 25 right?

I would choose a stress free life I think if I could over money and bad mental health

I just did the same thing except it was my first day and I am not going back.

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but why you think like that?

Because it’s just not worth it for me to push myself into a full-time job that i feel i cannot do , causes me stress and anxiety… because I can’t afford another mental health break.

then quit and don’t go back to work.

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I am looking for something different.

i Have an interview Monday for a hotel job, i was thinking for a while to take the amazon air job, The pay was good, everything else wasn’t so i won’t

Im taking into account not working again this year

It is comforting to stay at home and study on my own

Trouble is cashier jobs will soon be obsolete as most of them are going to self serve checkouts now.

I walked off a job once because they were dishonest and trying to screw me over. The plant manager called me and wanted to know why I walked out. I ripped into him and hung up.

Sometimes you need to do whats best for you.

You might like inside sales job? Try to find one that is more relaxed pace. I work with some older peeps like 60s and my managers like 40. There pretty laid back. It works great for me because when my brain is ■■■■ then I can still manage and when I’m doing good it’s easy. Also low on micromanagement helps.

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i didn’t go to the interview.

It was for a receptionist job at a hotel

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status: not looking for a job :joy_cat:

such an old song ! not really fund of it

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