I quit eating sugar the day after Thanksgiving but

all these days later and suddenly I want sugar and I’m not sure why. I mean it hasn’t been too much of a struggle or problem. My sister on the other hand, who I didn’t really think was quite as bad as me with the sugar, has been having an awful time. I guess coming to find out she goes after the sugar more than she lets on. Things like pancakes, cinnamon toast, jam on toast, sweetened cereals, breads in general, things you don’t think of as dessert but are full of sugar she has after dinner like I would with my cookies or muffins.

Anyway, today I am craving sugar, like a dessert. I’ll just get one of my sugar free jello cups but I’m curious what triggered it


Do you mean all sugar?

Like you can’t have fruit?


Are you sure you’re craving sugar and not fat?

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Also, fake sugar can often make you crave sugar the same as actual sugar.


I have such a fear of going hungry that I insist on going to bed with a bag of hard candies at my side.


Doesn’t that cause cavities?

No I’m having fruit if I want it, I just haven’t had any cus I didn’t any last weekend when I went shopping and the canned friut I have in the panty happens to have sugar added. I don’t know why but I didn’t grab my usual bananas and oranges. That would really hit the spot right now. I am going to have an applesauce cup, it’s sugar added, but only a little so I figure it won’t kill me and I’m having it with chicken and salad.

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I had fat today

It might if I had any teeth, lol.


Did the jello do the trick?

I usually default to eating an avocado or a spoonful of homemade peanut butter with cinnamon.

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Well done… Sugar can be a bit of a detox situation no matter when… I tried for eight years to give up and then it suddenly clicked Not going back

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Try cutting down over time. Especially if you can eat fruit. Nothing wrong with buying some fruit and eating so long as you don’t eat too much fruit in one sitting or in 1 day


I will never quit sugar !

Need the energy.


I actually found a little bit of chocolate in the freezer leftover from a big bar me and my sister were working on and had that. It was tiny but did the trick.

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