I quit alcohol. But what about coffee and cigarettes?


Ive been sober 13 days. Its feels really good. My anxiety has gone down. I keep thinking I want to take it further and quit coffee. Maybe my anxiety would go down even more, but I dont know. Lately Ive been smoking on and off. I go a few days and then my reasons for quitting dont seem valid anymore. Like theirs no reason for me to quit. Ive stopped smoking for around a year before. But that was due to someone in my house not liking it, and this person was close to me. I quit for him not myself. Does anyone else have experiences similar to this?


I need to quit drinking. I smoked about five cigarettes a day for about a year and a half in the army. It took me about fifty tries to quit. I’ve drank ten cups of coffee a day for over forty years. Finally, I just started taking caffeine pills. It’s cheaper and easier. There are a lot of very good reasons for you to quit smoking. Think of the money you’ll save. Smoking is about the worst thing you can do to your health. Half the people who smoke die of smoking related complications.


Congratulations on starting sobriety… very cool.

I’ve been sober for 6 years…

Cigarette free for 4 months now…

Can’t quiet give up the coffee.

The cigarettes I had to taper full pack… half pack… half of that… little by little I had to give up the habit of why I smoke and when I smoke… The withdrawal… the headaches and fidgety hit me for a two or more weeks… after that… it’s been Ok.

But the habit of stepping outside… the habit of using cigarettes to get out of tight conversations… that’s what’s been hard to break.

Good luck… I’m rooting for you.