I Pretend my Pillow is A Person

So is this creepy or not? I put two pillows together (SOMETIMES, NOT ALL THE TIME) and hug them at night and pretend they’re Josh Dun, the drummer from Twenty One Pilots. I feel like this is creepy. It feeds into my inner fantasy life of everything that goes on in my head. I feel really weird about this.

I have “pretended” that my pillows are another woman ever since I started doing it…I hug one pillow and then I have another pillow between my knees.

I guess the creepy part to me is that I pretend it’s a person I’ve never met.

well he’s famous so he’s probably a really nice guy…not odd to think or fantasize about movie stars and rock stars.

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Ok good lol I was feeling weird

I used to do that all the time!

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Animating inanimate objects is a part of human nature. Dolls are loved as are stuffed Teddy bears, pillows, musical instruments, cars and are named and talked to. Not to mention that we humanize our pets.


I don’t have a pillow, so I just daydream.

I pretend people are pillows @.@

I swear if you try to sleep on me… EWW GIRL COOTIES!!!


I do the 2 pillows thing; One between my knees and one to hug, but I don’t think of them as a person. I enjoy just letting them be comfy, cozy pillows :slight_smile:

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I sleep with a body pillow every night My wife hates it. I am living in a motel right now and I brought it with me.

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having a pillow would just add to my monthly laundry, and I kind of want to sleep on something clean. so I just use an old t-shirt sometimes or just use nothing.

my ex-husband used to get mildly annoyed at my sleeping ritual which included a big body pillow. I need a good mattress and pillows to sleep well. I am a tad high maintenance with all my sleep paraphernalia. I don’t know how people sleep on a crappy mattress with no pillow or just one but people do it all the time. I’d have to be awful damn tired.


Take some Seroquel, you’ll sleep like a baby lol