Has anyone ever heard of using a beanie in a magical or bizarre delusion?

I only ask because when I went to my first psych appointment they took an unusual interest in mine and even went so far as to say I was unusual for wearing one.

When I was prodromal I absolutely adored my beanie


they judge your appearance. i would have taken it off for the appointment.

I think the more you attempt to change yourself for them the more stress you put on yourself, everyone is different. I personally wore it because I liked it and it made it easier to take care of my appearance. Also when they argue about hygiene it’s just people trying to fill quotas.

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I wear it every single day, even in spring and sometimes summer. Love it. Also helps me from unkempt hair as I don’t have much energy to brush or style my hair.

No, they clash with my pentagrams. Who wants to summon a badly dressed demon?

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Seems were not allowed to talk about demons, my demon post got flagged…

That’s because you’re promoting this stuff as real (it’s not) rather than discussing it in a recovery context.

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it is my belief, unusual, perhaps but that is the unusual belief forum for.

Hugo Boss dressed demons in the 40’s.


It’s for helping people recover from their unusual beliefs. It wasn’t intended for promoting them and seeking validation of them from others. That’s what Reddit is for.


You were encouraging fear of demons and ghosts for someone who was already struggling with these fears. If you want to discuss your own unusual beliefs, with an open mind to those opinions that might help you disbelieve them, you can open your own unusual beliefs thread. Unusual beliefs forum is not meant to encourage these beliefs, but to help those struggling with them.


ok, I struggle with it

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I never heard about a magical delusion of a beanie… no. what did your psych tell you about the beanie? am interested as am wearing one myself often.

They just asked the usual tinfoil hat stuff.
It struck me as odd because I never tried to assert things and felt kinda offended.
I was in for a panic attack and insomnia.
They asked me what the difference between a mountain and a valley was, what a table and chair had in common. I struggled with the first one because my line of thinking was very concrete. For the next question I said they were both composed of atoms. tbh I struggled with that kind of stuff since I was a kid, I get overwhelmed that I might give the wrong answer.

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@shutterbug I’d argue the whole thing is theological and as such Irrelevant.

I lined my beanie with tinfoil once because I thought they radiate my head from across the street, including neighbours from the otherside. I was thinking about lining my walls as well, but never got through with it. It did help a bit, felt more calm with the tinfoil. But my head got heated with the foil and beanie so it can get dangerous.

@anon84628834 tbh that sounds impractical. It would barely protect against beta particles which would already be blocked by the wood in your place.

I don’t like 5G, microwaves, which goes through concrete… but not through foil. But I really think they used some kind of weapon against me from across the street.

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