Imaginary friends?

Did you have any as children? I just realized i had some untik age 14, when i was forced

I’ve been talking to myself a bit recently. But never had any imaginary friends though. Used to think I had a spirit visiting me sometimes. As a friend. Now I don’t know wat I think about spirits of dead people.

Nah brah, I had real friends

Forced? 2222222

For some reason my phone messed up and posted this post halfway before finishing my post, which is always now posted…

My post was meant to be

Did you have any as children? (When) did they go away?
I just realized that my stuffed animals and lego figures where my imaginary friends until age 14 when i was forced to leave then behind during an international move… Shortly thereafter is when I started having depression symptoms… Never made the connection until just now

No i never had any imaginary friends. I was never that sort of child i suppose. I liked keeping to myself.

Well I kept to myself, but than I realized that I personified my LEGO and stuffed animals to where they would qualify as imaginary st been digging up all of my past to see when and where in my life this all started and the more I dig and think the more it seems that I was always a schizophrenic…

No imaginary friends here. Though I was lonely as a child. I to this day have a hard time making friends

I did. Honestly I still think I see him sometimes but he became less visible after I turned 11 or so. A man in a hat and trench coat. I’ve never heard him talk and I’ve never fully seen his face but he always made me feel safe. I guess now that I think about it it’s a kind of odd friend for a little girl. He was more like a presence anyway. My dad passed away when I was a baby so maybe that has something to do with it psychologically.

I kind of did. But it was a bit creepy looking back. I would hold conversations in my head but it was like I was talking to someone else.

An imaginary protector? That is kinda neat, even though he does sound odd looking

Thank you for your input everyone

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I have imaginary friends as a adult.

I like to think I have friends in spirit even though our bodies don’t hang out n meet.

I don’t see it as a delusion.

I believe I have friends in spirit.

What do you mean when you say friends in spirit?

That I have friends that are real life people and our spirits are friends but our bodies do not ever meet or hang out.

“Officially “ I can not say they are my friends because we may never have met …they would not even know who I am …but in spirit we hang out and are friends but it can not be spoken of.

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