I ordered this sticker “Schizophrenia Awareness”


I don’t get it. Why a gray ribbon?

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Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I saw a post yesterday with a gray ribbon too. I must be missing something because I thought the ribbon for mental illness was green or something. At least according to google when I looked yesterday.

Schizophrenia awareness is represented by a gray ribbon. Problem is there’s about 10 other causes represented by a gray ribbon


I just looked it up and found the ribbon in the list. I think the color is supposed to be silver even though it looks similar to gray.


I asked because traditionally gray is associated with uncertainty, vagueness, ie “a gray area”, also used prominently in movies etc as an effect to show a building, area that is dried up, washed out, a sepulchre, a mummy’s tomb, gray hair…any idea who decides these things? I don’t think that the sz/sza community is well served at all with the attribute “gray”! Where is the hope? Where is the recovery? All we can expect is a “gray” life? This was a mistake.

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@iconoclast_01: please read the previous post by Bowens and follow the footnote.

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Brain tumor awareness is a grey ribbons because brains are grey.


Got it, please excuse my loquacious blather. Even though I should think a silver ribbon would be difficult to reproduce effectively.

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Too many ribbons.

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I didn’t know there was a ribbon for schizophrenia, and I like the colour grey too! Cool!

My mom used to have a pink ribbon on her car because she had breast cancer.

I think I’m going to get this magnet for my car. I know what it says, but it’s subtle and pretty.

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