I only slept 4,5 hours

I only slept 4,5 hours!! I have a bad feeling about this… :frowning:

Don’t feel like having an episode at x-mas.


We’re in the same time zone I think.
Is there any chance you could go back to sleep again?
Because I also wake up after like 3hours of sleep, but after an hour or so I’m able to sleep again.

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Maybe @Sarad will give you some advice…

Speak of the devil!

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Nope. My brain decided to wake up. I’m in bed but do not feel even a tiny bit tired.

I’m in +1 time zone. (It’s 4 AM here)

4.12 here.
I think you should have a hot drink now, put off the phone or laptop, and just give your best to lay in the bed as calm as possible.

I’m really sorry though, wish I could help you more. I was addicted to benzos and believe me I had more issues with sleeping than I have now. I used to take 10mg every two or three hours.

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Only accational benzo using here. I’m supposed to get up in 2 hours. Better stay awake. Have to make kid ready for school.

Yeah me too. But I’ll still turn on the alarm for 7 am. Two hours is pretty good for me.

:oncoming_police_car: the sleep police are here…
go back to sleep and dream of rainbows :rainbow:
take care :alien:


It seems I have a break every year at this time. I’m going through something similar, I hope you’re okay soon.

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One time I had a spectacular episode at Thanksgiving. Very traumatic for everyone.

I find mirtazapine kicks away depression and helps me to sleep.The thing is now i cannot sleep without mitzapine,its dependancy?

I can’t sleep without Quetiapine. I wonder that too.