Bought a bunch of crap

bought food.

nothing moderately healthy was on sale like cereal or perdue chicken nuggets or cereal.
so I just bought poptarts and microwaveable dinners.

well, to be honest, cheerios was on sale.
but that’s boring.

and perdue whole grain chicken nuggets were on sale.
but that’s boring too.


Cheerios aren’t so boring with banana slices and sugar.





are you suggesting that I should cook!!!

lol lol just kidding.

with a device, I generated the strong perfume of a beef taco within only 2 minutes and 15 seconds!
get on my level


I wish I had done certain things for my health when I was younger. Now at age 56 I am paying for the things I didn’t do and also the things I did do.

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I live out of the microwave too. I eat Lean Cuisine and then chase it with ice cream. Hey, I gotta do me, right?

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If you microwave instant coffee do you go back in time?


Does anyone go regularly to a farmers market for their fruit and vege? I am trying to get into a routine of going but some weekends I just don’t have the motivation to get there.

the food I bought was suppose to last me until Saturday. but I kind-of finished it now.

another reason why I shouldn’t buy crap.

but hey, it was on sale.

Choked down steel cut oats this morning. Blech. The beef korma I’ve got in the Instant Pot for supper will be alright.

I’m with you on the Pop Tarts, bruddah.


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i bought good stuff since my pneumonia sepsis hospitalization! blueberries, bananas, plain greek yogurt, healthy fiber rich cereal with almond milk, and I cut down on meat!

The only thing is that I just threw up all the good breakfast I had (yogurt with blueberries and a banana) because I had a cup of strong coffee…I guess the health thing made me intolerant to high levels of caffeine, which is horrible news as I was addicted to caffeine but 3 weeks ago!

I’m trying to eat healthier since my potassium levels dropped so low I had an iv in for 3-4 days with potassium.

Pop tarts sound delicious, though! My “cheat meal” has been texas cheesey toast slices that you put in the microwave. Love those cheesy carby things!

I usually only buy food. I can get crap for free.


I’ve been eating more veggies and now fruits.
It is difficult for me to stay on a strict low carb diet.
I love my fill of carbs.

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It’s okay. I bought pizza rolls and hot pockets, which is what I’ve been having for dinner for the past few days or so.

Yesterday bought a breadmaker really cheap from a charity shop.

That would be the coolest thing to own.

Mmmm… now my house smells of freshly baked bread.