I never was floridly psychotic

Is it ok that I’m here?

yea of course it’s ok =)

What’s the difference between being psychotic and floridly psychotic?

What’s your diagnosis? Just curious

Only psychosis disorder NOS

The latter means severe psychosis I think

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But you say you were never psychotic?

psychosis is psychosis though… you had that so it’s ok that you are here

I didnt say that

“I was never floridly psychotic” is the name of the thread

ye so i wasnt floridly psychotic

So you’ve been psychotic, just not floridly psychotic? I’m not the forum police or anything, just trying to make sense of it

Yeah thats what I mean

I mean, if you’ve been psychotic and take APs, I’d say it’s ok for you to be here. My guess is that you’re on the way to a schizophrenia diagnosis, and that’s okay. But that’s just my opinion

Wdym on the way to a sz diagnosis

well, you’re a minor, so I don’t think they hand out schizophrenia diagnoses willy nilly to people your age. And I’m just basing that on what you’ve posted here for the last 9 months or so

Well yes they suspect that i have it

And you’ll be fine, life will go on. Just cooperate with your pdoc and take your meds. I’m not trying to scare you or anything by saying you have sz, and it’s just my uneducated opinion anyways. Only your doctors can diagnose you

NOS means “not otherwise specified”.

Sometimes some people don’t meet the criteria for sz/sza. And that is ok.

And actually- some people with sz don’t hallucinate or have delusions. Some people don’t suffer from prominent negative symptoms. Psychosis is different for everyone.

My psychosis lays dormant except for delusions when I take my meds. I haven’t heard voices in a while now. My doctor is convinced I just have a very mild form of psychosis, not sza.

yeah so should i get rid of the dx