I never stood a chance

Yet 55 years later, here I am, alive and kicking and raring to go.


she an’t looking nick…but good luck anyway!

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did you ever find that change.


I began living in 1999. That was when I was diagnosed and put on meds.

Couldn’t have done what I have without them. Couldn’t be the man I am today without treatment and medications.

Yeah. 45 and loving it!

Peace, Age and understanding!



Yeah we never stood a chance…for much of anything with this disease but we beat the odds by just staying alive.


Not only do I stay alive I manage to live life a little. But it ain’t easy. Well, despite all the crap that comes my way, whether it’s intentional or un-intentsional at least I can say, "Hey world, I got a clean car, lol! I vacuumed out my car and took a bag of trash out of it.And you can’t take that away from me you damn leeches and vampires. Not you guys of course.

People are pretty nice though, if you give them a chance. Sunny day, and I was out all day. Went to McDonald’s and picked up a #3. That’s a Big Mac, a large fries, and a large diet coke for people who don’t know. But I went to the park and ate it in my car. To make up for not getting out of my car at the park, I went to a restaraunt and sat outside at a table.

Some bald guy was there, I hurt his feelings,lol, and I think I scared him a little but not in a schizophrenic way. Just a man to man way. Actually, I don’t know who’s a man out there or not. He looked like a man but he sure didn’t act like it. It was just a very small, tiny incident in my day. No big deal but it made me remember, that there are some messed up people out there and I have to use normal caution. We have a reason for the way we act, I don’t know how so-called "normal’ people out there justify acting like jerks.

Maybe their mom didn’t raise them to be decent people. My mom sure raised me to be a decent person and I am trying to stay that way. Anyway, enough about me. I hope you guys are having a calm weekend. Anyone have any good news to report? Lets hear it.


I also decided to work with doctors iny commitment to mental health in late 98. I’ll be 40 in 2mos


not as old as all you folks, but I didn’t start living until high school, before that it was all about making my family happy…then I met a girl and she turned me around. I miss her like hell, but I know shes up in heaven and it keeps me going. Nothing else realy matters but the words she drilled into my head after I was diagnosed.

“This is just the trial that every real human being has to overcome, for some its a death, for others its a physical disease. For you its Schizophrenia. I don’t care if you have every fatal disease in the world, I won’t give up on you!”

She said that every night before bed.


That’s nice…

@Dremulf You are lucky to have known a person like her.

Let’s raise a glass (of Sparkling Cranberry Grape Juice) to all who are fighting our diseases! Especially @77nick77

Here, here/ @metime. But I’m sorry, could you make mine chocolate milk instead?

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Shaken or stirred?


Straight from the chocolate cow.

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Haha! Okay.


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Have a nice night @metime. In the immortal words of Mr, darksith, “Take care”.


I have good news! I had a really good day on Saturday. We need a new washing machine and we found one, it will be delivered this week. Then we went to the city for lunch. Then we decided to go for a drive in the evening and had ice cream by the waterside.

I really like reading about your days @77nick77

You too.

I was brushing my teeth and washing my face.

Thanks, and I enjoyed reading about yours!

After reading your posts like this, I always feel a little guilty and inferior, because I don’t work and I don’t eat from McDonalds with money I’ve earned.

Some years back a psych person who’s known me for a long time told me I was un-hirable. The last few years I’ve added physical limitations to the psychological ones. I could do some kind of work at home on my computer - but not if it’s repetitive. Repetitiveness drives me up the wall. Typing something that makes sense in some way. I can’t sit for long periods of time. But maybe I could work in shifts.

I always feel guilty after reading your posts, and feel a need to answer for myself.

Oh, Good news?

I’ve been hearing calls from two different large birds - like hawk or raven size in the morning. I have missed bird calls since I’ve moved in. Now that spring is here there is evidence of more birds. I think there are doves with a nest in ‘my’ Juniper tree. All summer I heard a very faint mockingbird with a dearth of songs. It really bothered me. I guess there weren’t that many birds for it to learn songs from. Sightings of other birds + big nests in the trees in this small-landed place walled off from traffic and businesses - with 4 gates -