I need your company

I don’t give a fuvk about likes

What’s happening Flower?

Well life is what it is. I’m not sad or angry just…ehhh…I don’t know I’m just ready for anything. Success x death it doesn’t matter because I don’t care anymore. I’m not reckless with it though

Do you suffer from depression?

It sounds like you feel a bit in between at the moment.

Are you listening to any music at the moment?

G I am listening to music in my room.
All of my nostalgic albums in shuffle.
Just saying how I feel.
I’m not depressed but I’m just feeling…something on the edge of it all

I hope it passes for you soon.

Have you felt this way since the funeral?

Stuff has been different since yesterday
This mood kicked in about a ahalf a hour ago.
I was walking home and I was accompanied silence

have you got anyone you can talk to in real life about how your feeling? Like a friend?

Do you see a psychiatrist or a therapist at all?

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No for everything.
I feel special
I’m cool though thanks.appreciate it😘

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What are fwends…

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What are the nostalgic albums you are listening to?

You know.just rap.nothing amazing
If you’re reading this
Watch the throne

Your avatar has turned black on my computer. Some bug must have gotten in.

I changed it to that lol

That explains it then! :slight_smile:

I gotta go for a bit. Will you be alright?

Ay yea I’ll be fine. That’s for your company🔅


take care :purple_heart:


And same to you too<3

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