I need to talk to someone about my voices


I have a voice of an old friend. Constantly teasing me or belittling me over my thoughts. I have heard the voice of a couple other friend but was able to narrow it down to one. This one voice seems to be able to impersonate old childhood friends voices and personalities to some extent as well.


If you ever need someone to talk to I’m always willing to listen!

You say you used to have 3 voices what were/are their names? And what kinds of things do they say? And how long have you been hearing them?


Hey guys, I’m sorry I disappeared. I looked at my watch, and it was 4am. Oops.

@Noise Thank you :slight_smile:
I have three voices, though the male one seems to be way more quiet than the others. Their names are Mia, Azelia and Chris.
Mia says evil things. She commands me to do things, and she comments on everything, always got something negative or agressive to say.
Azelia is more comforting, and sometimes even protective. But she is timid.
Chris switches between being a ‘bro’ kind of person to yelling at me.

I’ve had Mia the longest, my earliest memory of her is from when I was five, and she would tell me my parents loved me less than the other kids due to stupid things.


Do you know what they look like?

Do you have a favorite or a friendship with one of them?


I do know what they look like.
Mia is average weight and height, with blonde hair and almond-shaped green eyes.
Azelia has long, dark hair and seems a bit pale.
Chris keeps changing.

I don’t really have a favourite. I’m the most comfortable with Azelia, because she’s so comforting and calm, but Mia helps me express my anger when I can’t, even though she’s also pretty much my worst enemy.


Do they have people in your life they don’t like in particular?


Mia doesn’t like anyone, she especially has no patience for slow people. It makes me feel really guilty, because one of my good friends is a little simple and/or slow, but she’s such a sweetheart and has good qualities that makes up for it.


I have 3 voices too.
Annette who is a goddess, and her two assistants: Isidore & Louisa.
I usually hear Isidore who says random things and silly. when i hear Annette I feel blissful. she has a lovely vocal tone.


I’m here too if you need to talk. Voices can be tough to deal with. Immediately glad they have faded more into the background now that you are medicated. How do they help you if they do? How do they hurt you? How often do you hear them?


Thank you :slight_smile:
They help me in different ways. The friendly one, Azelia, helps me by calming me down and telling me it’s okay to feel sad.

The mean one, Mia, helps me when I am very angry, but unable to say the things I want to say. Like yelling at someone or telling them off. It’s like I tag her in, and then she speaks for me, as me.

They’re always there, but now that they’re mostly background noise, I don’t notice them unless something makes me aware that they’re there.


For me it’s the same basically, background noise now. Except what I call “guest voices”. That would be voices of people I know talking to me. Like my pdoc or my sister. They ask me questions like “how are you?” and “how’s it going?” as clear as a bell. It mostly happens when I’m alone or when I try to go to sleep. Have you ever had anything like that?


Sometimes when I’m just about to fall asleep, I will hear random noises like someone saying my name, or a dog barking, or random talking. Or a loud bang.
They will sound almost more clear than real sounds, and like it’s happening right next to me.


When you hear your name is it evil sounding? That happens to me, I know it’s not real, but I swear it makes my heart skip a beat.


No, it sounds like it would if someone wanted to talk to me or say ‘hi’ if they saw me on the streets. A “let me get your attention” kind of name-calling, if that makes sense.


well that’s good at least. Do your voices ever scare you? Or do they ever talk nonsense? Do they seem sane?


They scare me when they switch from talking quietly to yelling, but they rarely ever do that. They all seem a little unbalanced


I think that’s hard when they are trying to influence what you’re doing and they are not trustworthy to make decisions.


yes, it is. I’ve learned not to follow their suggestions most of the time, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out what comes from me and what comes from them - like, what are my wants, and what are their demands?


Do you have voices since you were a child? Thats hard…


For me the different voices come from different places in my head. So if I don’t quite catch something I still have a pretty good idea of what it’s about because I know who said it. I guess at some point I developed a system where everyone got put in there own little circles. Just to keep things tidy in there. Otherwise it would be too disorganized to function.

So I have a mean man in a blue circle in the middle upper left and I pretty much know he’s just going to say something mean so I ignore him. I believe he’s a symbol of my insecurities and self doubt. Right below him there’s a young girl in a pink circle who doesn’t have an audible voice, she speaks to me telepathically. That sounds weird but I don’t know how else to describe her. I would listen to her because I believe she’s a symbol of what my subconscious wants or needs to take care of my inner child. There’s others but the medicine pretty much keeps them all quiet unless I’m stressed.

Sometimes I feel like I’m unable to be introspective without them. But I’m learning to do it on my own. It will just take some practice I guess. Do you ever fell like it just gets too quiet because of medicine?