I need to talk to someone about my voices


After the new medicines started working properly, I felt confused for a long time. The voices used to be loud, and distinguishable, and now that they’re quieter, I’m more free to make my own desicions.
But I’d gotten so used to them always having an opinion on what I should do, that I found it hard to decide things without their input.

It’s almost never completely quiet in my head. There’s always either voices or music. A month ago, it suddenly got quiet for 10 seconds. Like someone flipped a switch. It didn’t last long, but it gave me hope that it might happen again.
Does that happen to you?


I’ve had medicine that made it too quiet. I just couldn’t tolerate it. I know this sounds stupid but it was too loud. The white noise, or whatever you call it was hurting my head. I don’t know how else to describe it. I think the rhythm of the ongoing commentary is soothing somehow even if the content isn’t the greatest. I guess I’ve had it so long I just got used to it. But I’m ok if I have my music or the tv on instead. I just can’t take the pure quiet.


I don’t think it sounds stupid.
If it’s quiet,there’s nothing to distract you from your thoughts. Am I right?


What kind of music do you hear? I hear classical mainly, and although not my chosen choice it’s kinda soothing. Sometimes it gets loud and switches to an electric guitar.


I either hear songs I’ve recently heard, or songs I haven’t heard in forever.
I don’t have much control of it, but if I listen to the song that’s played in my head, in real life, it sometimes changes songs.
At the moment it’s this one on repeat:


Never heard that song before, really calming. When the song changes, do you mean the lyrics or the tune?


No, my head starts playing another song.


Yeap. I get that. You have no control over what’s next. I have in the past had two songs playing at once. Some what confusing for me. Do you find it more likely to start at later in the day? Or is your mind always playing something? Mine seems to start later in the day.


I’m not sure - I notice it more later in the day, because I’m not around as much people as I am when I’m in school, and I have more time to be alone with my head.


You could be right. Mine starts after work. However while at work my voices are pretty active, probably because I’m a little stressed out. It’s like the voices and music take it in turns. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes! I feel that way too! When the voices are stronger, the music isn’t really there, but when there’s a lot of music, the voices are quiet.


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