I need to get rid of this expectation

I always feel I will be liked by people and cannot tolerate well that people dislike me.Not all people will be liked by everybody,there will be people who dislike you,so what’s important is keep a positive attitude and be courages not retreating just because of a setback :smile:

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All true…

Thanks…maybe I am a people pleaser…

There’s worse things you could be than a people pleaser.

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Dude it would take you one week to make friends in the right setting. I wish I could make that happen for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunity to slowly get to know people.

Otherwise just keep chatting with us.

Take care gtx.

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Chatting with you all is more comfortable,this forum is actually like my home

Agreed. It’s a good place. Secret place for people who psychosis ain’t crazy.