I need to control my spending

I feel like ever since I started this guitar hobby I am getting carried away with spending. I am making a commitment right now that I will not spend anything else on guitar stuff until after Christmas.(except for lessons)

In recent months I have bought…

My original cheap guitar and amp
My higher quality guitar
I’ve paid up front for 2 months of guitar lessons
My guitar case
My distortion pedal and accessories
My higher quality amp( on an impulse buy)

It must end somewhere! lol. I’m not rich and need to save some money for a bit.

Anyway, I have made my commitment here and will stick with it.


Give me all your money. I’ll make sure that you’re not spending it.



lol. Thanks @velociraptor ! I truly appreciate the offer.

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Got your back, bro!



Not spending is hard


Dood, come on, we all know you just want to buy a yearly subscription to Ankles Inc. Magazine.


@Bowens In all seriousness the guitar can be an expensive hobby. I’m fortunate in that I’m more of an acoustic player, and I was able to get really good deals on all my guitars because I bought them from a Ma and Pa guitar shop. Sad to say though that Covid ruined their business. :frowning:

Maybe just get an amp, and that should square ya away for a while.


I’m trying to do this, too. The last few months I’ve spent more than I’ve taken in.

I’m cutting what I spend on vices, as well as things that simply can wait, such as vinyl records.


I hope you find what you have bought good to play

Many hobbies require some funds to start with

Music is a great way to express yourself

I think you did the right thing getting it


Yeah, I bought the amp already. It will be here Friday. I’m eager to get it but I need to stop at some point.


I find it very hard to save my “extra” money. In actuality I don’t have extra money, its the money I save by living at home, and is a temporary grace I need to appreciate and be responsible with.

Unfortunately I am sucking at it. I’m here all day by my self its hard not to spend on entertainment.

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Right on man!

I’m just saying try not to be too hard on yourself.

I know it’s hard though. I descend from immigrants who would probably have a heart attack if they spent as much money a month as I do haha!!

I do most of my shopping at thrift stores though, and that’s really help me cut costs.

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Yeah, same here. I pay modest rent and am able to save usually because of it.

Yeah I have a habit of impulse buying but trying to play the long game these days. Half my money goes to Dad to pay off some debt and help with bills but I’ve enough left over to save. I often don’t save and just spend but lately I’ve decided to save up for some good fitness gear…

So hard to save though for me! It’s painful but I reckon if I can save 2K I can get what I need and that will tie me up and won’t need to spend anywhere near that level again. So it’s a worthwhile goal for me and I too have to have some in the bank for the future when dad goes. So far have about $700 from a month and a bit of saving! I think with the guitar it’s worthy to spend as it’s a hobby and a pastime. If you enjoy it your getting value for money as it’s entertainment too.

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This is exactly what I’ve been thinking. I had to write a check today for my nieces 16th birthday as well to help with car purchase. It was a significant amount. I’m not sure if I should say how much. Me and my parents promised her a certain amount when she turned 16.

In addition to having a surplus on monthly stuff, I have a good amount from disability back payment. But, I have to remember that I am going to need a lot more cash when parents are gone. So, I need to save.

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[ eyeballs cameras and photography gear ]

[ burrows deeper under couch ]

[ burns credit card statement ]



[calls exterminator]






All you need to start learning guitar is a guitar and the Internet. Locking for yourself into a hobby by buying things you are not skilled enough to benefit from will set you up for failure. If want to buy something for your guitar hobby, practice the guitar for an hour before you seriously consider it.

Too late already bought it all :stuck_out_tongue: . No turning back now.
As far as practicing goes. I practice everyday. The exact amount of time is hard to calculate because I do it in 5 to 15 minute sessions spread all over the place. I don’t really keep track of the total.

Edit: Oh, I see what you were saying about practicing. Use it as a delaying tactic to give time to consider purchase.


Horse puckey. There’s nothing wrong with buying a decent tool that you use for your hobby and buying it in advance. It’s always best if you can find one used, of course, but a person shouldn’t feel bad about owning quality kit. I shoot with a very nice Olympic recurve bow because I can shoot more consistently with it and quality arrows than I can a bargain bow and arrows.

I bought my studio lighting before I knew how to use it. I simply had faith in my passion for and ability to learn new skills.


That look like failure to you?