I need more freinds on FB!

I’ve realised that I’m spending longer than normal on this forum.

I think I will ease off when my studies start up again, but my FB is too quiet and I need more friends!


I don’t need Facebook friends because I don’t like Facebook and I don’t like how communication between people is on Facebook.

It’s ok to be a Facebook hater :wink:

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Are Facebook friends usually friends ? :thinking:


Not necessarily…

I don’t normally add people who aren’t!

Neither do I. :joy: that brings down the count to 2 :joy:

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I’m a shameless facebook hater.

Its awful,

I’ve tried over and over to acclimate, but all for not.

Every time I recommit to staying in touch via facebook,

It ends in disaster.

In an effort to continue respecting humanity as a whole, I’m not participating.


I only use Facebook messenger.

I’m more of a Twitter person.

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I use Instagram the most.

I do not like Facebook. But i do not delete it to stay in touch with friends who I do not normally see. And also relatives etc.
It makes me more depressed. I should delete it.

FB doesn’t make me depressed, although I think some of my friends secretly hide their posts from me!

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I use Instagram more often than anything, I have to use Facebook because my teachers use it as their platform — for assignments, homework, etc.

It’s also my method of communication w/ my best friend, unfortunately he refuses to use anything else.

why would anyone do that?

I just deleted mine.

I removed all my friends from Facebook. I still follow news sites and such. Best thing I ever did.


FB is like a double-edged sword in my opinion.

I use it to mostly keep in touch with old military friends, since we all live at different parts of the country.

I recently tried adding a former classmate, but I think my friend request was rejected.

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Omg teachers on social media is so embarrassing! Mine used to use Twitter to set us homework & remind us about exams, and they’d use the most ridiculous hashtags :roll_eyes::laughing:


The worst I get is tips and the ever ending glossary of my last module.

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I log on here and there just to see updates and stuff but I have an outdated profile. I never really got into facebook…I actually thought it was ridiculous. to be honest this is one of the few places I’m actually logged onto normally. I was always mostly an observer…but I feel like some people here can understand me. that’s why I created an acc lol. (looked at this site few weeks before signing up)