I need help/reality testing

I stopped getting care without notice or reason why from my psychiatrist, that was 3 months ago though, maybe 4. Day to day I feel confused. I stopped invega cold turkey at 100mg from 150mg. Only had 4 injections, maybe 5, idk.

I’ve acted very badly though and now no matter how decent i try to be, I’m treated very badly by the nurses and doctors. I think that they are trying to make me go crazy or are messing with me about saying I have schizophrenia. I dont know what to do.

btw, off meds for 2 months now (3 months since last [every 4 week] injection, again, of 100mg invega).

regular persistant symptoms: thinking people are conspiring against me, people are going to kill me - just general paranoid ideation and obsessive thoughts, only occasionally however. and they are quiet, hard to hear voices (short lasting and mild episodes in regards to voices though)

Sounds like you need to get a new pdoc and start Ap’s again. I don’t understand why your psychiatrist stopped your care but it sounds like you still need it. I don’t know what other advice to give you.


Please find another psychiatrist. You can’t do life without one because you need meds

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