Trying to make sense

Of this episode.
About 6 weeks ago my Dr switched me from abilify to invega. Both of which I’ve already tried and gone off of because they stopped working. Abilify was working for a few months I think but then it stopped again. I’ve been slowly declining since then, though it did get a lot worse when about 2 weeks off of invega. Even before then though I started struggling with school and work, impulsively switched jobs and started failing classes.
Then 2 weeks after stopping invega I suddenly started feeling absolutely brokenhearted about how lonely I was and my friends weren’t really there for me in ways I needed but couldn’t communicate so I felt more alone which made me suicidal and the psychosis took full head but only for 2 days? Then I snapped out of it and took my medicine and now I want to be absolutely left alone. Still getting bouts of paranoia and delusions but working through them better.


It sounds like your meds are kicking back in. I’m glad that things are looking up again.

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Sounds like your having a rough time of it. I always say the most definite thing I can say about the meds is that they have kept me out of the hospital.

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