I need a vacation

Man, I could really really need a vacation. With my problems I could use a vacation for six months. Can anybody relate?


Im not fond of holidays tbh. Unless you are with people you don’t nornally get to spend time with. My dad sometimes has been obbssed with going on holiday and it seems just like a form of hiding/denying your problems… Not saying that’s what you’re doing just a thought.

Where would you like to go to?

I want to go to my beach condo.

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I’m going to try to visit my sister on the East Coast the end of July. I haven’t seen her since our Mom’s funeral February 2018. I am going to take Amtrak (the train) there. The fare is really low right now, $304 round trip. She lives 1023 miles (1646km) away, and it’s going to something like 36 hours on the train.

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I would really like a vacation soon. I might be going back to California later this year to see family.

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I could definitely use a holiday from these bulshit voices. I would also love to see Greece, hopefully soon

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My husband and I could use a short vacation.

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I haven’t been on a vacation or trip anywhere in 20 years. I don’t have the money.

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Today is the first day of my vacation. :desert_island:


I’m going to the seaside in 3 weeks for the weekend with a friend.

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I may go on a vacation for a week in September with my brother.

i want to take a trip north to lake huron to check out a condo in michigan i may try to buy. it’s been on the market for over a year, something must be wrong with it. i have enough saved i could buy it cash, it’s cheap place 1 bedroom 1 bath, from the writeup it sounds like they sell to mostly college students because there is a nearby university.

other than that, im not going anywhere until fall, when i go to arizona to visit my brother.

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