i find it hard knowing where to go and i worry about the travel and the money

but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get away from things for a few days

even if we have a mental illness that doesnt mean we shouldnt at least try to have some fun

so i have some savings and my friend does too so we are going away hopefully in june after college

it started out with us going with my family then we went ourselves but it is still difficult (but worth it)

i come from a place that is usually quite cold and wet so some nice warm sunshine and good food is like a breath of fresh air.

we are going to try to go to florida ‘hopefully’ it is a lot of money but i hope its worth it

has anybody else thought about going somewhere on holiday or vacation?

I think Florida’s pretty crowded - if you don’t like lots of people.

I never seem to plan. I get really freaked out about the thought of flying so if it’s in driving distance I’m all for it. Route 66 road trips are legend in American literature.

So packing the car, and sneaking out of town is the way I like to do it. For me it doesn’t have to be anything big. I sure needed these last three days of getting away. We have to go back today. The kid and I both work tomorrow.

But everyone deserves a change and a chance to go do something different. I hope Florida works out and you get to have a lovely time. :sunglasses:


i hope not, do you know when it is busiest? i’d like to avoid big crowds

Do NOT go in spring. Daytona “Spring Break” Is out of control, we see it on the news all the time. mega 1,000 up on maga 1,000 go for Florida Spring Break.

I’ve never been there - only heard - that spring break and summer are. A lot of kids go there to celebrate graduating in June. It’s crowded then…might be all the time to some degree. As I said I’ve never been, myself. Hopefully you can talk to someone who’s more familiar with Florida than I am.

This would just be a tiny start… I hope it helps.

I lived in Florida for 4 years while in college. It can get very busy in spring and summer. The least busiest time is in the fall. September to October are still warm and sunny, but not many tourists.

I think you’ll like it there. And I hope you have a good time!



thanks :slight_smile:

is anybody else thinking about going on holiday?

I’m planning on going to see my family in Tennessee in August/September. It’ll be the first holiday I’ve had in 3 years. And it’ll be the first time I’ve seen my family since 2008!

East Tennessee is beautiful in the summer and fall. Trees everywhere. Fresh air. Deer and other wildlife. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!




sounds great :slight_smile:

why did you move?

Although it’s very beautiful there, it’s very antiquated. There is still a lot of prejudice, racism, and homophobia there. I didn’t want to live around that anymore.

So I moved to Florida for college. And I rarely go back there. One visit every few years is enough for me lol. I get to catch up with family and enjoy nature, without having to deal with all the negativity of day-to-day life.



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The last vacation I went on was a school trip to Panama City, Florida. We did charity work in the days and we were given freedom to roam the beach in the evenings, it was quite a time. Of course everyone except me brought booze and drugs do to in our hotel rooms, and my old buddy and roommate dropped acid and the other roommates and I were a little freaked out. It was a good vacation, it was right before my onset and is a good memory. The teachers put duct tape on our doors to make sure we didnt go visit eachother in the night, but some people climbed out the balcony. We all did things like try cigarettes for the first time (I had just turned 18) and it was a good high school experience. Great bonding. I made friends with a guy who had been an acquaintance and now he is one of my best friends. I lost my lighter and I asked to borrow his and for some reason one thing led to another and we became bros.

I like the stability of staying at home too much and my family can’t afford vacations now. A good day for me is waking up after lots of sleep and having a stable, medicated day, and I don’t really think about leaving home.

I’m planning to visit my brother in Tennessee this fall, hopefully to catch the fall season. The leaves change color and fall quite a bit later than they used to.

I live in Fort Meyers Florida and right now we have tons of snowbirds. Everything is so crowed down here.

i hope you have a good holiday , it is nice to look forward to things
take care

We were in Finland last summer. It is really tough travelling with an autistic kid. He was terrified over the ferry. He was absolutely sure it would sink. We had to go out in the middle of the night and check the boat was okay.

He didn’t want to leave the hotel and only ate on mcDonald’s when we were out.

I went a second time with only my mother some months later. It was much fun.

i would love to take my daughter to disneyland florida. she’s been to eurodisney but i don’t think it’s quite the same thing. haven’t got the money at the moment though but i’ve started saving. i don’t know if i want to blow it all on a holiday though. many more things to invest it in. i had the chance to go to florida when i was 17 and i turned it down…foolish. i now wish i’d have gone. the only thing that worries me about america is guns as i come from the uk where guns r illegal. probably being stupid but that’s my worry anyway. maybe we’ll visit one of the canary islands next year. that might b nice.

I don’t think your being stupid, the news here is just day after day of random shooting after random shooting. I can only imagine how it looks in the UK when the news you get from here is… “And on THIS day, another 20 random shootings”

It’s gets a bit much from the news I know. There are cities with a very high homicide rate, but it’s not everywhere and you know the news,… why go for facts if you can go for ratings.

i guess it’s because owning a gun is just so alien a concept in the uk. only farmers and gangs have guns here and police swat teams. i don’t even know what a gun going off sounds like…lol and i’m glad i don’t. i live in a mostly peaceful country and i’m happy with that. though i would like to visit america one day. xxx