I need a miracle for my anxiety

I’m on invega injection and wellbutrin 75mg. My anxiety is thru the roof. Its a constant feeling of worry and it never goes away. I can feel it in my chest and it sucks. I have my first work meeting tomorrow to talk about taking photos for a business and im considering cancelling just so I dont have to talk to these people. I’m 19 and i have my whole life ahead of me. I’m going to cancel and i just wasted an oppurtunity that I need for my career. This is the first paid oppurtunity ive gotten and I have to throw it away because of my condition. I’ve always ignored it assuming it would go away. I dont think it will and either way I shouldnt and cant live like this. I would take xanax or another benzodiazepine if i could but my doctor doesnt prescribe controlled substances and i have an addiction history. I’m desperate for change. I cant take it anymore. I wont get anything done and wont be able to deal in life if this continues. I took propanolol for akathesia which can help anxiety, but i dont remember if it did. I dont want to go back on that because if I stop im screwed cuz before when I stopped I had off the wall panic attacks and my head got this weird sensation. Ive been on ssris and once again i cant remember if they helped my anxiety or not but i tried to kill myself by being on that medication and i couldnt get off because of it, so I dont consider that an option. So basically im thinking there has to be some other option. Coping skills dont have ■■■■ on my anxiety, either way its the biological part that needs to be treated. So I’m looking for some medication that wont completely screw me over that my doctor will actually prescribe me. Also antidepressant dont work for half of people who take them so I dont want to even waste my time trying. Plus my doctor said even if they do work it can be bevery subtle and not neccesarily life changing. So what should i do? What drug should i ask for? What do you take that helps?

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Anxiety is awful. You have my sympathy.

I also have not found anything that works great, but l-theanine is over the counter and works fairly OK. Some members here take over 800mg a day but probably start off with half that and see how it goes.

I like NAC, it is good for lots of things, also over the counter. It isn’t specifically for anxiety, but some people it seems to help. It’s been proven to help agitation in autism.

Another thing to try, as weird as it sounds, is beet juice.

Try one at a time so you know what helps.

Antidepressants can help, a 50% success rate means you have a 1 in 2 chance of getting relief. That’s fair odds. But yes, your doctor is right, none of these things will flip the anxiety switch off, they just may turn it down.


Two things that I have taken have helped with anxiety and akathesia:

Benztropine (cogentin) and Gabapentin.

Benztropine works more for akathesia.

Gabapentin is said to work on anxiety in lower doses that you take every day. It makes me feel less keyed up.

Just two possibilities, I’m no doc so don’t take me too seriously.

I take gabapentin 300 mg when my anxiety goes through the roof. It works pretty well. I only take it as needed not on a schedule. It really helps when things get bad.

It sounds to me like you would benefit from the input of a Psychologist. Not sure if that’s possible, as no idea where you’re from, but my pdoc says this helps a lot. It took 12 months waiting for me to see one though.

If you have previously abused substances, I am going to assume you may have gone through similar stuff I did that wasn’t particularly pleasant, and this could be affecting you right now in terms of your anxiety.

It’s just a suggestion.

Benzo’s will not help you for long. I have been on Diazepam now for nearly a year and the dose is now up to 30mg per day, and it no longer does anything. All you will get from it is long term side effects, and effectively taking it just to hold back withdrawal - it does nothing for my anxiety anymore…So it’s not a solution long term.

Will you be able to get some even if you just ask for PRN?

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CYou should see someone…psychologist, therapist social worker etc. find out if your psychiatrist recommends one. In the past the name crop on psychologist name drop got me in ASAP. Now I se a different psychiatrist and psycologost that is a few doors down…they work together so though there is a portal, they can discuss patients. But, benzos, stop working…NEvER EVER take them!!! You develop a tolerance! Trust me I’m in the slow process of stopping them, pfft! Yes, the anxiety is tough coming off…not worth it ffs. Try talking to someone, meditation, imagery, and exercise…all good stress relievers imho. :hugs:best of luck

How long have you been on the invega injection? I am on it too but am gaining so much weight on it. Been on it for 2 years.

Things that have helped my anxiety :

Beta alanine

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Wellbutrin is known to cause anxiety.

Anything related to GABA can ease your anxiety, talk to your pdoc.

I was going to say the same as Dre91, Wellbutrin is known to cause anxiety. I used to be on 300 mg when I had a lousy pdoc who didn’t listen and my anxiety was through the roof. I would talk to your pdoc about switching that one.

Like a year and I havent gain any weight but gaining weight for me is really hard. I gained weight on risperodone though

Okay, thank you for answering. I wish my weight gain would stop. I don’t know what to do about it. I gained 5lbs this month. I am now 5’5 203lbs. I am just at my wits end.

Agreed, when they put me on Wellbutrin at the hospital it gave me panic attacks. It’s veryyyy stimulating!

i’m keen to try mindfulness for my anxiety, it made a difference last time i think. i think there are youtube videos on mindfulness but i havent explored them yet except a brief 30s vid on fb :slight_smile:

Good job on staying informed

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