I need a friend

I just need someone to chat with. Im working overnight tonight and im getting too far in my own head. I can feel the dark tendrils wrapping around and warping my mind. The funny part is i have to be okay no matter what.



The Next Time You Feel Unsafe, Or Ignored, Or Helpless, Or Saddened, Or Feeling…,

The Feeling’s…, Of Regret. . .


Analyze The Root Cause Of Such Horrific Reality. Possible Delusion/Illusion Yes!. . .

Possible Reality, Not Yet!.

Never Give Up On The Truth That You Are Truly Human. And All Humans Feel The Balance.

Of Each Layer That Makes Us Real. Real Humans. Not Aliens. But!, Humans!.

With Grace & Virtue!.

With Promise & Love!.

In Each One Of Our Exploding Hearts!. Like Glitter Raining From An Endless Sky!.

Never Fear. Don’t Doubt. And When You Begin To Feel Sad Again. No Need To Worry, Or Ask Why.

Jus Refocus…, And Always Give It Your Best…, All You Have To Do Is Try. . . . . . .

I don’t know how I missed your post back then. This forum can bring you a lot of support. Next time you don’t get a response, bump it back to the top of the list every so often until you get a response. I’m sorry you didn’t get the support you needed.


It’s okay, I ended up getting through it alright. But next time I will do that. Still dealing with residual stuff but it’s more manageable.


were here, what do you need to chat about.

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I’m glad you’re ok.

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You got tons of friends Broski lol just hit up the forum

I was having a rough time with homicidal ideation but I got my antipsychotic doubled. And it seems to be helping make those thoughts not happen. Still paranoid about cameras and my phone being bugged but manageable. I’m off work for 3 days so that’s good.


Thank you, will do!

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Thank you, me too. I was close to having to go back to the hospital but talking with my dad and my wife about it helped.


I sorry your having homicidal ideation, i understand, good thing you increase your aps and its working. I hope you feel better.

Thank you. I was at an 8 ot of 10 now I’m at about a 4. So there is improvement. I just gotta stay busy and out of my head.

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have some coffee or something, enjoy your favorite hobby. be positive and happy. you deserve to.

brought back, okay.

My daughter always taught me, if you want more friends, Be a friend.


I’m glad you have a support system

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